What We Do

The Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce provides outstanding services to its members and fosters conversations between government, public and private sectors leaders. We leverage the strength and influence of our members by convening, participating and, at times, leading important conversations that advance entrepreneurship, economic prosperity, and cross-cultural relationships.

In addition to our Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership, key representatives from each local government body and the Shishalh nation hold official roles within our organization as Board delegates and advisors. This approach allows for timely and effective cross-communication on business and economic development matters in our region.

The Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the complicated process of advocating for our members. With the voice and representation of nearly 400 members, a strong volunteer Board of Directors, and active input from local government, we often take a stand on policies, regulations and decisions critical to our local economy and business sector growth.

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